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By Mal Peter 02 May, 2017

While it can be easy to assume that if a doctor is a plastic or cosmetic surgeon that they are well experienced, ensuring you are selecting someone who has the right training and surgical history you require can be a difficult task. The fact is, regardless of their title, a surgeon may have never performed the procedure you are looking to undergo before and may not be the right choice for your needs. So how do you go about selecting the right person for the job? Here are some things to keep in mind whilst selecting a surgeon.

Let’s say you are looking to undergo a breast implant procedure, whether through plastic or cosmetic surgery you will want to ensure the surgeon you choose has undergone the right training and experience. The Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery, for example, does allow surgeons to become certified in breast implant surgery. By visiting their website, you can see for yourself what is required by those looking to become certified in terms of experience and training. If a surgeon is certified through the ACCS they need to abide by the college’s code of conduct which may give you extra peace of mind. One inclusion in this code is that a surgeon will need to inform you during the consultation if they have performed the surgery you are undergoing less than 100 times.

For plastic surgeons, you may want to check they are a member of The Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons and that their qualifications are recognised by the Australian Medical Council (AMC). It is important to note here though that the AMC hasn’t included an assessment, training or expertise in cosmetic surgical procedures. Basically, this means you can still become a qualified plastic surgeon with having no or little experience in cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentation, so it’s important to do your research. Of course, some plastic surgeons will be skilled in these areas and will have extensive experience and/or undergone extra training.

To help you cut through the confusion and work to make an informed decision, here are some questions you should ask a surgeon before you decide on them.

How many times have you performed this procedure before? You are looking for someone who can say they have performed it hundreds or even thousands of times.

How many times in the last 6 months?

(If a plastic surgeon) Did you undergo extra training in cosmetic procedures?

What is your complication rate and how do you go about discovering this?

Do you operate in a licensed hospital or day hospital in Melbourne?

Can I see images of work you have done?

Can I speak to previous patients?

Other things you may want to consider is comparing prices. As a general rule, low costs are associated with the quality you receive. Speak to our team about your options. You may want to also ensure you will have a specialist anesthetist during your operation.

By Mal Peter 01 Mar, 2017
When our patients consider breast enlargement, the first thing which generally comes to mind is breast implant surgery. In reality, however, this is not the only option available to women. Breast enlargement or augmentation through the use of fat transfer is emerging as a popular choice, especially for those who are looking for a minimal, natural looking increase. This treatment is also commonly known as fat grafting.

This fat transfer occurs when a patient’s own fat is extracted using a liposuction cannula from one part of the body (generally the waist, stomach or thighs) and injected into another part of the body to boost the fat volume. While this procedure is not limited to breasts – it can be used for the face and the buttocks as well – Melbourne based patients are turning to this minimally invasive breast augmentation option more and more.

By Mal Peter 27 Feb, 2017

Eyes may be the windows of the soul but sometimes the curtains can get a little faded. As we age and skin loses elasticity, the skin and tissue around the eye can begin to sag and wrinkle. With a simple walk-in, walk-out clinic procedure, you can restore the skin around your eyes to be smoother, softer and add youth to your appearance.

Whether you need eyelid surgery for medical reasons or you are looking for improvement to a problem area, Dr David can walk you through the process and discuss your available options to achieve your desired outcome.

By Mal Peter 23 Feb, 2017
Recent studies have shown a link between textured breast implants and a rare form of lymphoma cancer. Understandably, this is causing concern and worry amongst some of our patients. Dr David uses exclusively polyurethane covered implants, also known as the “super furry” Brazilian implants ,   which are not the ones associated with the research.
By Mal Peter 15 Feb, 2017

Despite what everyone thinks, having breast implant surgery doesn’t necessarily mean weeks of pain and recovery.

Previously, especially with techniques where the implant was placed under the muscle, recovery times were quite prolonged. Today, particularly with the rapid recovery technique Dr David uses, most patients are up and about the next day.

This method was invented by a Texan plastic surgeon who calls it the “Out to dinner breast augmentation”. This might sound a bit optimistic, but it’s absolutely achievable. Dr David has actually had patients that have been able to go out for dinner the same night as their surgical procedure.

As with any surgery, some recovery time is required. However, it is important to stay active after your surgery, because it can help your healing process moving forward. Frequent walks helps prevent any blood clots, deep venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism, but it is important to take it easy in the beginning. Everyone is different, and some people might heal quicker than others.

By Mal Peter 15 Feb, 2017
Pregnancy, excessive weight loss or gain, or just the natural ageing process can all be the cause of your breasts sagging, or losing their volume or firmness. A breast lift procedure with Dr David can restore the volume, size, look and position of your breasts along with your confidence.
By Mal Peter 07 Feb, 2017







By Mal Peter 03 Feb, 2017
Dr David prefers the foam covered silicone gel implant, originating in Brazil, due to its risk minimisation. This means that complications like capsular contracture, which tend to affect up to 19% of women choosing standard smooth or textured silicone implants, could be reduced to between 1 and 2%.
By Mal Peter 25 Jan, 2017

There’s a lot of talk about how   small breasts   can create self-esteem issues in women. Yet there are many women out there experiencing the complete opposite. It’s not uncommon to feel uncomfortable or self-conscious with larger sized breasts as well. Some women may also experience physical challenges or even pain if they have a heavy chest.

Millions of women around the world struggle with having breasts that are too large. These women refer to problems such as back and neck issues, discomfort when exercising, bad posture, bra strap grooves, problems with the skin under the breasts as well as poor self-esteem.

Some women have tried it all – physical therapy, ergonomic changes, special bras, exercises and maybe even pain medication, but nothing seems to give the effect they’re after.

By Mal Peter 22 Jan, 2017

Are you struggling to reshape certain parts of your body? Dieting and exercising for years without achieving the result you want can be very frustrating. Dr David and Associates offer  high quality liposuction surgery, and can help you achieve the body of your dreams.

Over the last 30 years the liposuction techniques and procedures has been refined and developed, to make liposuction a safe, common surgical operation performed on a daily basis. Overall, the advantages of these of improvements have led to less discomfort and risks.

In this article, we will explain some of the  most common questions  we get regarding liposuction.

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