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Dr David & Associates specialises in cosmetic surgery to improve appearance and self-esteem

Providing cosmetic surgery procedures in a  Melbourne clinic 

A trusted provider of cosmetic surgery in Melbourne, Dr David Topchian is passionate about providing quality care to every patient.
Here at Dr David & Associates, we know cosmetic surgery is so much more than simply expertise and knowledge. We know many of our patients come to us for concerns about areas of their body they may be embarrassed to discuss, so it’s important to provide a welcoming and friendly environment that encourages open discussion.
Instead of intimidating, sterile environments and discussions full of medical jargon, we take the time to have an open and frank conversation about your concerns, the treatments available, the risks and whether a surgical procedure is a viable option. While we have the ability to provide a wide range of treatments, we also understand that surgery is not always the best decision and we will never pressure a patient to choose one option or the other. 

Cosmetic surgery options for women

Dr David & Associates offers a wide range of procedures to women of varying ages. Here are just some of the treatments that are available 


Often the first signs of ageing appear around the eyes. For many patients, the skin around the eye area starts to droop, and bags underneath the eyes start to form. Not only can this give an aged appearance, the sagging of the eyelids can also get to a point where vision is affected. Eyelid surgery aims to remove this excess skin. Another procedure is called fat transfer and when exercise and dieting can’t gain the result you are after, this effective surgical procedure may be a viable option for you. 


When it comes to the breasts there are a number of surgeries that can be performed. After pregnancy, the natural ageing process, weight fluctuations or simply because of genes, some women may experience breast sagging. A Breast lift procedure works to reduce the appearance of sagging tissue. We can also help women looking to change the size of their breasts with both implants and breast reduction procedures available. Dr David & Associates also offer breast revision and breast fat transfer procedures. 


A cosmetic surgeon can perform a number of procedures throughout the body, from liposuction procedures to fat transfers where fat can be removed from one area and placed in another that you would like to enhance. We also perform labiaplasty surgeries that may assist women experiencing self-consciousness and discomfort from large labia.

Procedures for men

While many of our procedures are tailored to women, we also offer treatments that are applicable to male patients. For men suffering from extra breast tissue due to hormone imbalances a gynecomastia can be performed. This removes tissue (also known as man boobs).
The eyelid and liposuction procedures are available to both men and women.


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