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Transfer fat from where you don’t want it to where you do.

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Fat Transfer

Breast fat transfer is a rapidly growing field of medicine. Patients like the idea of enlarging their breasts with their own natural tissue.

In the past few years the effectiveness of this technique has improved. Patients are becoming aware of the possibility of moving fat from an unwanted part of the body, to an area that they want enhanced – like breasts or buttocks.

Benefits of breast fat transfer with Dr David:

  • Move fat from where you don’t want it, to where you do
  • Completely natural – it is your own body
  • Results at the 3 month stage are permanent
  • Minimal scarring and recovery time
  • All-inclusive, premium surgical and recovery package of $12,800
  • Ask us about finance options

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About the Procedure

The technique is known as Autologous Fat Transfer, fat grafting, fat transplantation or breast fat transfer.

This method of permanently transferring fat means no foreign materials are left in the body. The breasts should feel completely natural – because they are. It is completely your own tissue.

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Over the past 8 years Dr David has been refining the fat transfer technique. Each step of the complex process has been analysed, and optimised, to ensure the best possible result for patients. This includes the use of healing lasers both for preparation for surgery and in the post-operative period. Tiny instruments are used to delicately transfer the fragile fat cells to their new home and give them the best chance of survival there.

In order to consider this procedure, patients need to have adequate fat to harvest. Preferably in a difficult to shift location so that it is the last area lost in case of losing weight. The amount of fat that can be successfully transferred depends on many factors, and includes:

  • Age and general state of health
  • blood supply in the area being transferred to (recipient area)
  • tightness or looseness of the tissues in the recipient area

Generally the fat volume that can be retained in the long term varies between 40% and 80%.


If you are considering breast fat transfer, you can book in for a Complimentary Consultation with Dr David Topchian. During your consultation, you’ll be able to get your questions answered, have a thorough professional examination to assess suitability, as well as more information to read at your leisure.


Dr David Topchian (MBBS FRACGP FACCS) is a qualified Cosmetic Surgeon with specific training and experience in breast fat transfer.

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