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Women’s breasts are never ignored. Men and women are fascinated by breasts.

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A safe, reliable way to achieve an increase in size and also a lifting-type effect. With polyurethane foam-covered implants (P-URE implants) it is possible to use anatomical, or ‘teardrop’ implants, which can have a more natural appearance and better match a woman’s existing breast base to achieve an optimal result. Combined with the Rapid Recovery technique, where patients are up and about in 24 hours, this surgery is well received by patients.
An alternative to breast implants is fat transfer, if the woman has sufficient fat to transfer and she only requires a modest increase in size.

When the shape of the breast is droopy, it is possible to lift the breast and reshape it into a higher, perkier position. This might be following pregnancy or breast feeding, or simply if the woman’s breasts have developed in a way that doesn’t have an aesthetic shape.

Large breasts can cause a range of physical symptoms such as neck, shoulder and back pain, or bra straps cutting into the shoulders. Psychologically this can also be distressing. Surgical removal of excessive breast tissue permanently reduces the breast bulk and improves the breast shape too.

Liposuction is an alternative that can, in the right circumstances, reduce breast size by a cup size on average.

When men’s breast tissue is overly prominent, it can result in embarrassment and restriction of social activities like swimming or exercise. Surgery to address this issue can address just the fat, through liposculpture, or can be combined with removal of excessive breast gland tissue.

In the past few years the effectiveness of this technique has improved, and now patients are becoming aware of the possibility of move fat from an unwanted part of the body, to an area that they want enhanced – like breasts or buttocks. This method of permanently transferring fat means no foreign materials are left in the body, and the fat should feel completely natural – because it is. It is your own tissue.


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